Sunday, December 26, 2010

A new year, a new blog

It's funny when life starts to point you in a direction if you're paying attention and that's exactly what's been happening to me.  Just over a week ago, I was hanging out with Tricia and we decided that life continues to send us messages that we need to move forward.  It's a feeling that's been building in me for a while, but it suddenly felt very clear that it was my time to start to move forward with life.  With that decision made, the next question came.  How exactly do I go about doing that?

I spent the weekend contemplating that question and not coming up with any great answers.  Then last week I got a call from the Calgary Herald.  They let me know that I'd been selected for 2011 as one of their top 20 Compelling Calgarians and would be featured in their January 1st issue.  Still to this day I feel like they must have the wrong person and am waiting for the call to tell me that. But they did an interview, followed up with photos and so I think it is true.  Whatever I have done to be compelling in the past year, maybe I could use this opportunity to spread this even further.  But again, how do I do that?

What I came up with is that I don't have all the answers yet, but I have some ideas on how to figure it out.  This will be the last post for this blog site.  It has been the place where I first shared my cancer diagnosis, and then my second one, Ryan's battle and Talyn and my life over the past year.  Although I have learned a lot from all of this, it's time for a fresh start that doesn't have anything to do with the "c" word. 

The word "re-create" keeps popping into my mind and so I decided to start a new blog where I will do exactly that.  In a much more upbeat way, try to re-create my life.  I don't know exactly what that will entail, but I am excited at the idea of it all.  I plan to launch this in January, 2011 and it will be found at if you're interested in coming along for the ride. 

I thank you all for coming along for these last few years and supporting us all on our journey. 

Much love, Tasha & Talyn