Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Only 2 More To Go

I went to see my surgeon last Wednesday and I got a nice surprise! We filed my OR papers for much earlier than I thought we could - the week of May 14th. So, now the Foothills OR just has to find time they have availble and ensure my two surgeons are also available at that same time. So, it might be after May 14th, but knowing that it could be 2 months sooner than I thought is great. I hope to hear from the hospital in the next couple of weeks with a confirmed date. Then my mom is going to come out for the first 2 weeks to help and Ryan will take off the following two weeks.

My 6th round of chemo was yesterday. So, far I feel like each round keeps getting better and better! I told Ryan to go to work yesterday because it's his busiest time of the year, so he dropped me off and I got all settled in my hospital bed by 10 am. They dripped the same medications as last time and the only real change that I noticed was that they did not make me nearly as tired as the last time. So, this time when Tricia came to visit and brought me lunch, I could actually keep my eyes awake to visit for a while! My day was done around 4 pm and I've been feeling really good since then.

Now I just wait for any side effects that may surface. Day 3 is usually when the joint aches start, but this time my doctor gave me some codeine to help if needed. My numbness and tingling will probably start next week and will be a bit more intense than last time.My mom flies in tonight to help us out again - thanks mom!!! Then my dad arrives on Friday for a visit and they will leave on Sunday. I can't begin to explain how great it is that my parents have been so flexible with their schedules to come and help at the drop of a hat. No one can make you feel better like your mommy.

I hope you're all having a great week, I know that I am! Send me a quick note on my guestbook or an email if you're up to it - I'd love to hear what's new with you and yours.

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