Friday, March 7, 2008

Everything Comes In 3's

The last week has been a whirlwind, but in a very good way. Finally, some great news from me! We bought a house in one of the areas we've been wanting to live in for a long time. The stars seemed to align for us because after we did this, I got a promotion at work. Then I got asked to lead the calgary committee for Rethink Breast Cancer, the charity organization that I've been following for the past year. It is truly never boring in our world.

Our new house is a dream for us. It has just been completed, which is great for us "non-handy" people and it's in Richmond/Killarney. This gets us back into SW Calgary and only a 10-20 minute commute to work every day. The other great thing for us is that there are a few great schools that Talyn could go to within walking distance. We take possession as soon as we sell the house we're in now or as late as June 15th. So now my mind is swirling with what blinds we should choose, when we should book movers and how I should decorate Talyn's room.

My job is also going great. Although we rarely find ourselves with nothing to do, I have to stop myself every once in a while and realize how great we have it at Long View. The company really cares about everyone and the people there are all my other family.

Although some days I feel like I could fall into bed at 7 pm, I know that I can make a big difference getting Rethink going in Calgary. This organization targets awareness and research for younger women with Breast Cancer. When I went through my initial diagnosis, there really wasn't much for someone dealing with a young child and wanting to have another some day. This charity group does so much to help women affected by the disease who are under 40 and hosts crazy cool events for everyone to attend and the money funds promising medical research. So if you ever wanted to make a difference and didn't know how, just ask me how you can help us!

Yesterday I went for my first checkup with Dr. Webster after the new drugs. Round 1 is now over and I started Round 2 on Thursday night. All in all, it was a real cake walk. The only symptom I could mildly complain about was a bit of nausea towards the end of the second week. But compared to my last protocol for chemo drugs, that is NOTHING to complain about. Although I feel optimistic about finishing 6 rounds, Dr. Webster still says to be cautious and we'll see how we do in Round 2.

I also talked to him about my ongoing monitoring program. How are we going to watch my body to make sure that the cancer isn't spreading and creating some little spots anywhere else? The sad reality on this one is that it doesn't really matter if we catch those spots when they're little or a bit bigger and I start to have symptoms. If my cancer does decide to appear anywhere else in my body, we are playing a whole new game of ball. This was really hard to hear and although everything in the rest of my life is going to great, this kind of news really hits hard. The cancer already did come back once and while I was doing treatment, so I know it's not that nice.

So although I sometimes feel like I can't possibly do it all, I know that keeping my focus on so many great things right now keeps me positive and optimistic. We could all spend our days worried about what might come tomorrow, but the truth is that we need to focus on what we can do in our lives today. Do something great today, I know that I will be!

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  1. Dear Tasha,
    It was great to find this latest posting when we dropped in on you this morning.

    Your new house looks as good as you make it sound. The quick find, new condition, and convenient location should make this an ideal home for you, Ryan and Talyn.

    Congratulations, too, on your promotion at work. Not many people can talk about their employer and fellow workers as being another family to them. Their support must be a real plus in your life.

    I took time to click on your link to Rethink Breast Cancer. I will definitely go back another time to explore the site more fully. Today I just stopped long enough to read the 10 steps to Prevention that appear at the top of the home page. The organization itself seems upbeat and positive and we think that your leadership on the Calgary committee is a perfect fit.

    We are thankful that Round 1 of your chemo seemed like a "cake walk" to you. With 5 more rounds to go, a strong start brings optimism and hope as you move forward. By now Round 2 is already well underway for you. If the process is anything like a boxing match, every new round has its particular challenges. Dr. Webster sounds like a wise and cautious coach. We are in your corner all the way!

    Thanks again for the reminder about putting more focus on TODAY than on anticipating what the future may bring. Since that is always easier said than done, we sometimes need the perspective of others to keep us on track. If YOU can stay positive and optimistic in your ongoing battle with cancer, then we owe it to you, and others like you, to do the same in our own lives.

    Dave and I have a terrific 4-day trip planned for the coming week. On Tuesday morning we will board a train to Newcastle, transfer to a ferry headed for Norway, take a bus from Bergen to Stravanger through the fyords of Norway, reboard the ferry, Queen of Scandinavia and return to St. Andrews by late Friday night. We will relish every moment of our journey.

    We could not be more pleased than to have found an update from you before we turn off our computer and set out on our latest excursion.
    Sincere best wishes
    Louise and David