Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just Breathe

The last week has been a fury of positive momentum. Firstly, Ryan's tumour appears to be a bit smaller from his last MRI. This means that his tumour is responding as well as we could have hoped to the chemo! We now hope that the drugs continue to beat down the troublesome growth area and then it just gives up for good.

Secondly, Tricia's transplant got the official go ahead from Ottawa. Although the official date has slid back a bit to June 12th, all in all, this is amazing news. However, this also of course makes us all very anxious of the reality ahead. What I have recently reflected on is how she has made it through all life has thrown at her so far. The only reason I can come up with is her mental strength . This somehow got her through what many thought no one could and I know will get her through her challenges ahead as well. She just needs to be reminded of that from time to time.

And thirdly, our house was conditionally sold. The buyers are from outside of Canada and so require a pretty quick possession. We should hear by the middle of this week if the sale is finalized and then will plan to move the following week. Even though this seems's us. This is nothing. Also, this will move us towards something we've been thinking about for a while, so we're very excited.

On my medical front, Best Doctors has all of my information and is currently going through the formal review. They actually have gotten all of the specimens previously removed in surgeries and are redoing the pathology to confirm the diagnosis first. I am interested to hear what they have to say in the next few weeks.

In other news, my scar from my last surgery has bubbled up a bit in one section. Although this is likely nothing, everyone on my team is very quick to find that out. So, I will go to an ultrasound tomorrow and get the results this Wednesday. If there is anything that looks suspicious they will just cut it out.

In one week, my baby is turning 3. It is a gathering of many important people in his life and will be a great opportunity to remind us what is truly important in this crazy life. Family, friends and having fun!

When everything seemed to be spinning much too quickly in my life right before I was first diagnosed, I would listed to an Anna Nalick song I heard once on Grey's Anatomy, "Breathe". I'm not sure what the song exactly means, but to me it means to just slow down and literally take a deep breath. I recently have been reminded of how well this works when your world is going too quickly. Just take a few deep breaths and gain some perspective. However you've gotten to today should be enough to prove that you can get to tomorrow.

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  1. Dear Tasha,
    How refreshing it must be to have so many positive things happening in your life right now! The fact that Ryan seems to be responding to his chemo must be the best news of all.

    We knew that it was just a matter of time before your house would sell. Isn't it great when it actually happens? Now the work begins! Every move is traumatic, so we can only hope that yours is a relatively quick and easy one.

    Tricia has not yet posted the change in her transplant date from May 23 to June 12. Now that Health Canada's approval has been given, she will want to move forward as soon as possible. It must be difficult for her to wait even one extra day, let alone three more weeks! It's a good thing that you are there for her, Tasha, understanding the tension and reminding Tricia just how strong she is in mind and spirit.

    I love the two new pictures on your home page. Tricia and Talyn look completely at home with one another. It is easy to believe that Talyn - on his own, looking upwards - is a joy to his Dad and to you. We hope he has a wonderful third birthday next week. Enjoy the party!

    It's too bad that you are having to have yet another test to see what is causing the bubble in your scar tissue. Your medical team certainly keeps a close eye on you, though; that alone must be encouraging to you. We will watch your next posting for the outcome of this latest scan. We will also be interested in what the "Best Doctors" group has to say about its review of your case.

    I like the title of your latest posting, Tasha - Just Breathe". Apparently, people are onto a good thing when they learn to breathe, slow their bodies and minds, and bring things into proper perspective. There are even classes in breathing techniques!

    Your closing comment also hits home, Tasha. It does make sense that if we are here today, then tomorrow is also within our grasp. Sometimes we might even have to narrow that concept down to surviving from one minute to the next. Either way, it is in us to survive.

    Thanks for updating your blog again and for continuing to share the lows and the highs of your remarkable journey. It's a privilege for us to be on this road with you.

    Louise and David