Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting back on track

I am now 75% done radiation (5 more treatments to go) and so far it's been going really good. I have no new fatigue as a result of the radiation and in fact I feel more energetic and like myself than I have in over a month. The only real symptom that I am experiencing is some skin redness. Apparently my symptoms will continue compounding and should peak about 10 days after I'm all done. But so far my experience with radiation has been much more tolerable than anything else!

Today I had a visit with my oncologist where we reviewed everything again. In general, things are really turning around. My heart functioning is staying strong even through all of these drugs and my body is getting stronger. I had another injection of zolodex today (the one that temporarily shuts down my ovaries). These will continue monthly until it actually does what it is supposed to. Because of my crazy reaction the last time, I was a bit nervous about introducing it again to my body - but so far I am feeling fine.

I have been getting more involved with my Rethink efforts and things for our October event in Calgary are really shaping up! As well we have started to discuss our first education event, which is really where the value of our hard work pays off. Because of my connection to them, I have been talking to a certain national magazine that will remain nameless for now. It is likely that I will be profiled in their October issue. I have already been interviewed and will be photographed next week, but until it's actualy in print, I won't believe it's real.

In general, I am really starting to look forward to less visits to the Cancer Center and a more predictable life. I have the feeling that things are really starting to get back on track! Next week I will be finishing radiation & herceptin and saying goodbye to the "big" stuff. For someone who thought I was saying goodbye to them once before, I am a bit superstitious to get too ahead of myself, but I certainly am feeling a sense of change in the air!


  1. Dear Tasha,
    It was so good for us to read your "Getting back on track" entry. You not only seem to be tolerating the radiation treatments but are gaining energy along the way. "Five more" sessions still sound like a handful to us but the count is dwindling and you are doing well. That's all that matters.

    The news of your review with the oncologist is also encouraging. We know that the drugs you take and the treatments all take their toll on you. To hear that your heart function is good and that your body is getting stronger is music to our ears.

    Your matter-of-fact account of your treatments, reactions, and activities has a tone of remarkable determination. It seems to us that, no matter what, you just get on with the business at hand and do whatever comes next in life.

    As always, we learn so much from you, Tasha, and we take daily inspiration from your life story. It does not surprise us at all to read that you may be profiled in a national magazine. Your involvement in Rethink and in planning Calgary's October event is all the more impressive because you are so much in the thick of a personal battle with cancer. Few of us can think of others in such a concrete way when our energies are needed for survival. We hope the October event is a huge success.

    You write that you are feeling a sense of change in the air. I should tell you that that same sense of change is coming through in your writing. There is so much strength in your words and hope between the lines.

    We have been in Calgary for a week now. We even got to see our niece, Tricia, on Monday and she brought us greetings from you. Thank you! There is one more example of the way you reach out to others in thoughtful ways.

    We are leaving for BC today. Take care, Tasha. May your strength of body, mind and spirit continue to increase throughout the summer.
    Sincere well-wishes,
    Louise and David

  2. Hi Tash,

    Glad to hear that your radiation treatments are more than half way done and that you are feeling ok. And I am very curious about you being in the lime light! Mike and I are having a great time in Mauritius - I'll give you a call when we are back from our travels.