Sunday, May 6, 2007

The End Of The Yellow Brick Road?

We have been lucky enough to enjoy some celebrations over the past week. Talyn turned 2 and we had a nice little party to celebrate that with some close friends. Talyn was spoiled with many gifts and enjoyed a day of treats! We then traveled to Regina and he enjoyed another party that my parents had for him. His BaBa also turned 30/30 (60 to us) and there was a surprise party for her at Sean & Michelle's house (Ryan's brother and wife).

We are now back in Calgary and focused on what is next - the surgery. My parents are here which brings me some calm and my boys are always with me to keep my spirits high. This surgery will be about 4 hours long and if everything goes great, I should be out of the hospital in 3 to 5 days. Although I'm sure Ryan, my parents or Tricia will call some of you, please feel free to call our house if you haven't heard anything and are curious. I am very grateful to have so much support!

I was very saddened to hear that a friend of mine's doctor found a lump at a routine physical exam. She is going to go get it checked out and I'm sure that it will all be fine. But it's just another reminder at just how quickly life can take us for a turn we don't expect. Please be diligent about your health - without that, we won't be able to accomplish all of the great things we are here to do!

For the past 9 months, I have been following a winding path. Mostly, it has been brighter and sunnier than I was expecting, but I did get thrown a couple of unexpected twists along the way. With my surgery day hours away, I am not really sure what to expect - but am hoping that it will be my chance to click my heels 3 times and say "I want to be done, I want to be done, I want to be done". Can't wait to see you all soon!

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  1. Hey Tash

    I have no doubt you will get through the surgery the way you have aced the chemo. You really have taken this winding road on like a true fighter. I've been very impressed. I'll attempt to be the hospital friend expert that you were to me a few months back. You know the deal though...if you're tired...tell me and I'll leave! Nothing worse than feeling like you need to keep your eyes open for visitors.

    Let's go get this done. Love Trish