Thursday, May 17, 2007

Surgery complete - rest needed!

Hi everyone - this is Tricia, Tasha's friend. I asked Tasha today at the hospital if she wanted me to post a little update and she agreed...

The surgery went as planned, according to her 2 surgeons. She had a lot of pain coming out of recovery, and it took a while to get that under control with the right dosage, etc. but by the end of Tuesday was talking a bit. Rest was her next challenge, with a roommate who snores REALLY loudly and watches TV until 2 am. She's not getting a lot of sleep and has had a lot of nausea. Yesterday and today were a bit better, although her pain management is still inconsistent and she needs more rest. Her surgeons were both by to see her and are quite happy with how everything looks, obviously pending the pathology report later this month. The hope is that she can get some more rest to help the healing process! She still expects to be able to go home in the next couple days, depending on what the doctors think.

Overall, Tasha has of course been amazing through the last few days. She continues to show strength that is inspiring and has shown her sense of humour even while in pain. If her roommate ever quiets down so she can get some rest, I expect that she'll be home to her own bed soon!

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  1. thank you Tricia for the update .. we hope they can get the pain meds corrected soon, but then, the pain sometimes gets better with time. I am sure Tash will want to be home as soon as possible. We are with you Tash and send you all of our strength, support and love. The Pollitts/McMasters