Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just when we thought life was going back to normal

Life had been pretty uneventful over the past weeks and I almost let myself drift into a sense of relief. Although I had ongoing anxiety over my upcoming CT scan, the real possibility that it could be clear and we could get on with normal life kept bubbling up. Talyn started at his preschool and Ryan and I were back at work and loving life.

But then our family got struck with another blow this morning. Ryan's latest MRI shows some growth from his tumour and unfortunately this has happened quite quickly over the past two months. Although Ryan's brain tumour has always behaved quite passively over the 11 years he has had it, we knew that there was a possibility that it could turn aggressive at some point. The doctors think this might be what has happened.

The next couple of weeks will be filled with more scans and tests to determine exactly how much of the area of concern is tumour and what the real growth amount has been. Throughout this time, they will be planning in the background for the next likely event of a new form of radiation. These details are all still very new to us, but it is different than the last kind of radiation he had and although there are more risks this time, they feel it could be promising for him.

He will do this for 30 days and then the likely next step will be a very aggressive and new drug for chemotherapy. The oncologist kept saying that we are in tiger territory. It took me a couple of times to understand what he meant, but he was saying that we need to be aggressive, quick and that this is new territory for everyone. Ryan's case is definitely unique. For someone his age to have been dealing with a brain tumour for 11 years and to continue to function so well with all the treatment he has had, is truly an exception.

This is all really new news to digest and we are all trying to get our heads around the latest names of new drugs we've never heard before, new scans and what they will tell us and all the while trying to keep our heads up for Talyn and the new fight we are about to embark on. But don't worry, we are both very strong fighters and come tomorrow morning when we wake up, we will be ready to enter the boxing ring again and this time for the fight of our lives! Get ready to be defeated once and for all cancer...


  1. Dear Tasha,
    Though we have not made any recent entries on your blog site, we have dropped in from time-to-time and have kept you in our hearts and prayers every single day. Like you, we "thought life was going back to normal" for you. Our prayers for you were filled with joy and gratitude.

    This news about Ryan is too much. Of course, we knew he had a brain tumour but his general health seemed to be good. To learn now that Ryan's tumour is growing again and may be "turning agressive" is a devastating blow.

    The staggering impact of your news certainly fits your image of a fight in a boxing ring. This first punch is a hit below the belt; and right now, it feels totally unfair to us.

    However, we know your fighting spirit and are not surprised to hear that you are back up on your feet, ready to beat this opponent once and for all. Please know that, as ever, we are in your corner, backing you in this "fight of your lives".

    Your description of new drugs, different treatments and modified radiation procedures is especially encouraging, Tasha. Without doubt, cancer research has improved patient care and is saving lives. We are confident that Ryan will get the best treatment possible and that his progress in "tiger territory" will benefit himself and others. We agree that "he is truly an exception" not only in his case history, but in his entire life story.

    School life will go on for Talyn and we know that you will encourage his love for learning and for life. I'm sure that he is often your inspiration and your very reason for taking the next step forward. We do not know any other young family that so much to live for and such a terrible battle to wage.

    Each day we will continue to send positive energy your way. At the same time, we wish you the strength and courage you need just for today, one step at a time.

    Sincere well-wishes,
    Louise and David

  2. Hi Tasha,

    Your article in Flare Magazine is wonderful! Chad sent me a copy of it on Friday...

    Glad to hear you guys are ready to fight Ryan's news with such a great attitude!

    My boyfriend's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last week...she is to have the lump removed hopefully in the next 10 days.

    So the fight is on!! Go get 'em Tiger...!

    I had a great visit with Tricia last week and am happy to see that things are going better for her!

    Take Care,