Friday, October 24, 2008

The Rethink Romp!

I can't believe it's been one month since I've last written in my blog. I think it's because every time I go to write in it, I hope there is more to Ryan's news to report, but there isn't.

The doctors continue to plan for him to start radiotherapy in a few weeks. He has had a simulation session and they have made his face mask for his treatments. The last step will be one final MRI. The results of this will be used for two things. One - for final treatment planning and two - for Ryan to make his final decision.

If the tumour has shown any progression since the last MRI he had in September, he will go ahead with the radiotherapy right away. However, if it shows any shrinkage, then he will continue on with all of the more natural therapies he has been doing and do another check in a couple of months. The problem will come if it shows neither. That is when Ryan has to roll the dice and decide if he should take a chance with the large risks of this treatment for hope that it stops future growth or wait and hope that it will continue to stop growing.

So, on that side of our lives, no real news to report right now, but stay tuned!

In my life, things have flown on by. Over the past week we have continued with hurried preparations for the Rethink Romp. The event finally happened last night and it definitely surpassed everyone's expectations. We sold out the event before it even started and we raised about $25,000 for Rethink Breast Cancer! This means that we can now fund some amazing and much needed education and support initiatives right here in Calgary. As well, people had so much fun that they forgot that all of the money went to a good cause. I couldn't have pulled it off without the amazing committee that I had been working with for the past many months and I can't wait to see what we can do from here.

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  1. Dear Tasha,
    It is always good to see a new posting on your blog site and to be able to catch up with you on your "Journey".

    Congratulations to you and your committee for all the hard work that went into making the Rethink Romp a sell-out event and a huge success. We hope that the money raised will benefit people and projects right in your own community. That is as it should be.

    It always amazes us that you are so forward-looking. One day after such a big undertaking, you are already wondering what the Rethink Breast Cancer planning committee can do next. I'll bet that the members of that committee value your leadership as much as you appreciate their hard work. What a team!

    We have to admit that our thoughts have pretty much been focused on Ryan since your last posting. It seems to us that things move quite slowly in the diagnostic and treatment process. Obviously, Ryan's simulation session and the preparation of his face mask are essential steps leading to possible radiotherapy. It's scary stuff, though, and the waiting cannot be easy. And, always, the final decision of whether to go ahead with treatment comes down to Ryan himself. That has to be the hardest step of all.

    As you suggest, we will "stayed tuned" for the results of Ryan's next MRI. Of course, we hope that natural therapies are shrinking his tumour so that Ryan can continue to heal himself through positive action. Whatever happens, we know that you and Ryan will find the courage to do all that is necessary to beat this cancer for good.

    Please know that we are still here, supporting you every day with our thoughts, prayers and energies.

    Sincere well-wishes,
    Louise and David