Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dragons are very dangerous!

Friday marked the first annual Ryan Westerman Open, golf tournament. Can you imagine? Ryan would have been over the moon at the idea of a golf tournament in his name. Investors Group, where he worked, pulled this amazing idea together. It had 32 golfers and then there was a BBQ after at the Colbourne's house. They put together a raffle with a bunch of prizes and a big grand prize - a trip to Arizona. The money they raised went to us - but really will go into Talyn's sports fund.

After they presented us with the money they put together, I just stood there rather stunned. But then Talyn turned to me and asked if he could talk. They quickly got him a chair and up he stood in front of about 50 people assembled, waiting for him to speak. He took a deep breath and then started...

"Dragons are very dangerous. If you ever see one, you should stop what you're doing, look around and run away." It was hilarious. I think he might have been referring in his own way to the book - stop, drop and smile - but maybe he was just being a 5 year old and talking about dragons.

I went over to him and whispered that maybe we should say something about daddy, but he just shook his head and so I took over. I started to say a few words of thanks to them all and then Talyn decided again he did want to talk.

"You all know that my daddy is dead and that means that none of you will ever be able to see him again. But he will always be with my mommy and our hearts and in his box." Tears welled up and because I knew exactly what he meant, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Talyn and I both got keepsake hearts with a few of ryan's ashes in them that we will keep forever and we keep them in a beautiful wood box we received as a gift. So Talyn meant that daddy will always be with his box.

The night ended with the organizer approaching me to tell me about all of the plans he already had for next year and we quickly brainstormed what it could be. And so another piece of Ryan's legacy has been put into place, as we continue to try and fill the big hole he left behind.

MANY THANKS to everyone at IG that attended and helped with this.


  1. You must be very proud of your brave little man Tasha .

  2. Tasha ..I just got home from my volunteer time at Hospice Calgary's Living with Cancer Program where we were introduced to Ryan's book. I brought one home with me and have already read it. How inspiring, and how much I know it has messages for all of us.
    This book is already in the hands of another and will be forwarded to keep the message alive. Thankyou Ryan..and you,his loving family.

  3. Amazing post Tasha. Talyn is absolutely incredible, as are you. We continue to think of you, and remember the legacy that Ryan left.
    Kristyn and family

  4. Your an amazing person!!! Your story ,your journey, your blogs every time I read it, it reminds me to cherish everyone and every moment. Thank-you for inspiring us all. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Your son is an inspiration, with all his courage and strength. God Bless you both.