Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Another Lesson in Patience

The hospital just called and my counts have dipped to 0.9, so even lower than my last round. My amazing nurse Linda also knows how important getting this done this week is, so she has rescheduled me for Friday with hopes that my counts will be at least 1.2 by then. I wish there was something that I could do to make a difference, but my doctor says there isn't. I had heard from another doctor that there might be something they could give me to help my counts rebound faster, but Dr Webster told me yesterday that unfortunately isn't an option.

Although I am a planner, it is a definite challenge to continuously replan all the aspects of our life around this uncertainty: Ryan runs his own business and has to continue to reschedule client meetings, we have to change Talyn's daycare schedule, we have great family who have offered to come out and help, but we never really know when that is, my team at Long View makes whatever time I have for them work and our amazing friend Erin across the street continues to leave her life open for Talyn to drop in when needed.

Thank you to everyone who continues to change their lives because of our schedule, we appreciate it more than we can tell you!

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