Monday, January 8, 2007

What Does Normal Feel Like?

Although I thought that I felt much better than last time, my counts didn't agree. My netrophils were once again only 1.1 and they needed to be at least 1.5. Dr. Webster could tell that I was very anxious to get my fourth cycle over, so he offered me a couple of options - which I took him up on.

I will go tomorrow morning to re-check my counts. If my netrophils are at least 1.2, then I can still go ahead with treatment tomorrow afternoon. Although I will have to be extremely careful throughout this cycle because my counts will likely be completely wiped out. If my counts are not high enough tomorrow, then I will go and re-check them again on Thursday and then potentially get treatment on Thursday afternoon.

If all of these options don't pan out, then I am again delayed one week. Which brings me back to my title - I clearly have no idea what normal even feels like anymore!

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