Monday, January 8, 2007

Today is the Day!

It's funny how many of the people that I talk to ask how far along I am. When I say that I've finished 3 out of 8 treatments, they are always amazed at how quickly it has gone - they say that they feel like I just started. I however feel like I've been doing this forever!

Today I go get bloodwork at 2 and then meet with my doctor at 3 to review my counts and ensure they are high enough for tomorrow's treatment. I do feel stronger than the last time I did this, so that is a good sign. But mostly I really want to get tomorrow's treatment over with so that I will be 50% done! I think it will be a real milestone for me.

Last week I was talking to my boss at work and he was asking me if I now felt more confident in my ability to get through my treatments and I absolutely do. Shortly after my first treatment, I was laying on my bathroom floor and thinking that there was no way I could do this 1 more time, let alone 7. Now however, I have gotten used to the feelings that these drugs give me, I know what drinks and food I can keep down and Ryan knows when he should and shouldn't talk to me - ha, ha.

Most of all, I know that I will get through this set of treatments very shortly and then will turn my focus onto my next set of chemo drugs and the side effects that I can expect from them.

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