Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some more perspective

Last night Ryan and I had planned to put Talyn to bed and then watch a comedy together. But when we turned on the TV, we couldn't take our eyes off of the "Hope for Haiti Now" US broadcast. It was a breathtaking collection of people that had dropped whatever high paying job they had on the go, to come and use their talents to raise funds.

We have been mostly avoiding watching and reading the news lately, because it mostly seems to be bad and that might only bring us down. So although we knew about the devastation in Haiti, until we saw the images last night, we really had no idea.

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone so suddenly in that disaster and especially to the kids that don't know if they have parents now and are walking the streets alone and scared. They need so much help and although this is a terrible thing to happen, it warms our hearts to see how something so awful brings people together.

This gave me a chance to be thankful for what we have. Yes, our situation isn't ideal and will likely get worse. But we have each other today and we have our own amazing collection of people that have come together to hold us up through this time.

As I woke up in my warm bed with Ryan breathing steadily beside me and Talyn poking me in the side to tell me the clock said "703", all I could feel was extreme gratitude.


  1. We are also following the news out of Haiti. The losses, deprivations and suffering are like nothing we have seen in our lifetime. And the response from the rest of the world is truly heartening.

    Still, given your own situation, it is amazing that you can see so many good things in the present moment and feel thankful for what you have. That positive perspective is itself a precious gift.

    Our candle of hope still burns brightly for you.
    Louise and David.

  2. We continue to hold you deeply in our thoughts and prayers. Your presence in your journey is a testament to both of you and a marvelous gift to each of you
    Jim & Donna